Repdate: The IAM Business Solution

Online appointment booking for independent workshops

Global one automotive and Caruso roll out the industry solution for independent workshops. The companies Bosch, Continental, Schaeffler, ATR-International and Carat are also involved.

Repdate is the new digital workshop booking platform which makes it easier for our workshop customers to make appointments online with the driver and to do so independently of the system. Repdate is a part of the modern customer management system. This enables vehicle owners to book their service appointments via smartphone, tablet or PC. If additional telematics data of the vehicle is available, for example from a connected OBD dongle, the workshop can already create a needs analysis and an automated cost calculation in the same booking process.

Repdate is not only interesting for garages, but also for mobility providers and fleet operators who can use this platform to guide their vehicles to their garages.

Repdate is an affordable, high-efficiency standard solution that enables IAM to counteract the car manufacturer’s concentrated and global service management. Digital contact points should also enable independent repair shops to increase their customer loyalty or bring it to a level similar to that of brand partners.

For more information, please see the video and presentation from the link below.

The presentation is here —- > Caruso_Präsi_scr01_EN



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