Today we are happy to announce that global one automotive GmbH has officially joined Caruso GmbH as a shareholder on March 9th, 2018. As an open and neutral data marketplace, Caruso provides the aftermarket sector with the essential data management platform enabling the participants to administrate their vehicle data in a reliable and secure environment. 

Along with the founder TecAlliance and 4 further shareholders such as ATR International AG, Eucon Group, CARAT GmbH and DVSE GmbH, global one automotive GmbH is honored to be part of this future-oriented data marketplace. “We are proud to be on board with Caruso at such an early development stage”, explained Marcus Hähner, Managing Director of global one automotive GmbH. 

By joining Caruso, global one and its shareholders emphasize their strategic focus on digitalization within the changing automotive aftermarket. global one automotive GmbH aims to effectively use the central Caruso databank to evaluate the current opportunities and to work towards creating new business models.

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